I’m an editor who lives just outside of Minneapolis with my husband and our toddler. I acquire and edit nonfiction books for Broadleaf Books, where I specialize in personal growth, religion, and spirituality.

I’ll use this space to share resources about publishing, insights from what I’m working on, and reflections from my own life. This is my personal website, but I will post about the books I’m acquiring and editing for Broadleaf.* This isn’t the place to pitch me your book (do that here) but I will offer some tips and insights about the publishing process along the way.

*The thoughts and opinions on this site are my own and do not represent Broadleaf Books or 1517 Media

Latest from the Blog

Please DO write a memoir. Please DON’T try to sell that memoir.

Unlike many publishers (who accept submissions exclusively through agents), Broadleaf books has an open submissions inbox where anyone can pitch their book to us. I check it every week and have found some incredible projects from unrepresented authors. But every week, more than half (and sometimes nearly all) of the proposals I see in thatContinue reading “Please DO write a memoir. Please DON’T try to sell that memoir.”

LGBTQ+ Spiritual Books

For Pride month, I’m highlighting a few books by LGBTQ+ authors about faith, spirituality, and human thriving. Add them to your reading list or gift them to a friend! Worth It by Brit Barron Brit Barron grew up in an Evangelical megachurch in the ’90s, trying to fit neatly inside the boundaries her church andContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Spiritual Books”

What goes in a book proposal?

If you’ve spent any time researching the book publishing process, you’ve likely encountered a variety of perspectives on what makes up a good book proposal. I suppose this post is simply my contribution to the crowded conversation, but, in my view, most advice about book proposals is over doing it. Editors and agents receive dozens—evenContinue reading “What goes in a book proposal?”