I’m an editor who lives just outside of Minneapolis with my husband and our two young children. I acquire and edit nonfiction books for Broadleaf Books, where I specialize in personal growth, religion, and spirituality.

I’ll use this space to share resources about publishing, insights from what I’m working on, and reflections from my own life. This is my personal website, but I will post about the books I’m acquiring and editing for Broadleaf.* This isn’t the place to pitch me your book (do that here) but I will offer some tips and insights about the publishing process along the way.

*The thoughts and opinions on this site are my own and do not represent Broadleaf Books or 1517 Media

Latest from the Blog

Building Your Author Platform

Spend five minutes with anyone in the publishing industry, and you’ll inevitably hear how important author platform is for selling books. Even the largest publishers—with the largest marketing budgets and the most well-connected publicists—rely heavily on the author’s own platform and connections to make a book succeed. In fact, the larger the publisher, the higher…

I leave these comments in nearly every manuscript I edit

Each of the writers I’ve worked with have approached their books in their own way; no two writers sound the same. And I try to edit manuscripts in such a way that the author’s unique voice continues to shine through. Yet, I find myself making a few of the same comments in most manuscripts. See…

Spiritual Books by Black Women

For Black History Month, I’m highlighting a few books by Black women authors about faith, spirituality, and communal thriving. Add them to your reading list! In My Grandmother’s House by Yolanda Pierce The church mothers who raised Yolanda Pierce, dean of Howard University School of Divinity, were busily focused on her survival. In a world…