Building Your Author Platform

Spend five minutes with anyone in the publishing industry, and you’ll inevitably hear how important author platform is for selling books. Even the largest publishers—with the largest marketing budgets and the most well-connected publicists—rely heavily on the author’s own platform and connections to make a book succeed. In fact, the larger the publisher, the higherContinue reading “Building Your Author Platform”

I leave these comments in nearly every manuscript I edit

Each of the writers I’ve worked with have approached their books in their own way; no two writers sound the same. And I try to edit manuscripts in such a way that the author’s unique voice continues to shine through. Yet, I find myself making a few of the same comments in most manuscripts. SeeContinue reading “I leave these comments in nearly every manuscript I edit”

The Slow Business of Publishing

Publishing is a notoriously “slow” industry—with long lead times between book acquisition and book publication. For example: right now, at the close of the 2021 calendar year, I’m acquiring books that will come out in late 2023 or early 2024! These long timelines can be surprising to new writers, and to writers who are usedContinue reading “The Slow Business of Publishing”

What your publisher will do for you, and what they won’t

I know that the publishing process is often opaque, and many authors—especially first-time authors—don’t know what to expect. Knowing a bit more about what your publisher likely will and won’t do for you will hopefully empower you as you go through the process. Let me start by saying: publishing is a partnership. It is noContinue reading “What your publisher will do for you, and what they won’t”